Islam: Religion, History, and Civilization

Islam Religion History and Civilization The world s leading Islamicist offers a concise introduction to this rich and diverse tradition of billion adherents In this informative and clear introduction to the world of Islam Seyyed Hossei

  • Title: Islam: Religion, History, and Civilization
  • Author: Seyyed Hossein Nasr
  • ISBN: 9780060507145
  • Page: 104
  • Format: Paperback
  • The world s leading Islamicist offers a concise introduction to this rich and diverse tradition of 1.2 billion adherents.In this informative and clear introduction to the world of Islam, Seyyed Hossein Nasr explores the following topics in depth What Is Islam The Doctrines and Beliefs of Islam Islamic Practices and Institutions The History of Islam Schools of Islamic ThoThe world s leading Islamicist offers a concise introduction to this rich and diverse tradition of 1.2 billion adherents.In this informative and clear introduction to the world of Islam, Seyyed Hossein Nasr explores the following topics in depth What Is Islam The Doctrines and Beliefs of Islam Islamic Practices and Institutions The History of Islam Schools of Islamic Thought Islam in the Contemporary World Islam and Other Religions The Spiritual and Religious Significance of Islam

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      104 Seyyed Hossein Nasr
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    1. Seyyed Hossein Nasr

      Seyyed Hossein Nasr was born on April 7, 1933 19 Farvadin 1312 A.H solar in Tehran into a family of distinguished scholars and physicians His father, Seyyed Valiallah, a man of great learning and piety, was a physician to the Iranian royal family, as was his father before him The name Nasr which means victory was conferred on Professor Nasr s grandfather by the King of Persia Nasr also comes from a family of Sufis One of his ancestors was Mulla Seyyed Muhammad Taqi Poshtmashhad, who was a famous saint of Kashan, and his mausoleum which is located next to the tomb of the Safavid king Shah Abbas, is still visited by pilgrims to this day.Seyyed Hossein Nasr, currently University Professor of Islamic Studies at the George Washington University, Washington D.C is one of the most important and foremost scholars of Islamic, Religious and Comparative Studies in the world today Author of over fifty books and five hundred articles which have been translated into several major Islamic, European and Asian languages, Professor Nasr is a well known and highly respected intellectual figure both in the West and the Islamic world An eloquent speaker with a charismatic presence, Nasr is a much sought after speaker at academic conferences and seminars, university and public lectures and also radio and television programs in his area of expertise Possessor of an impressive academic and intellectual record, his career as a teacher and scholar spans over four decades.Professor Nasr began his illustrious teaching career in 1955 when he was still a young and promising, doctoral student at Harvard University Over the years, he has taught and trained an innumerable number of students who have come from the different parts of the world, and many of whom have become important and prominent scholars in their fields of study.He has trained different generations of students over the years since 1958 when he was a professor at Tehran University and then, in America since the Iranian revolution in 1979, specifically at Temple University in Philadelphia from 1979 to 1984 and at the George Washington University since 1984 to the present day The range of subjects and areas of study which Professor Nasr has involved and engaged himself with in his academic career and intellectual life are immense As demonstrated by his numerous writings, lectures and speeches, Professor Nasr speaks and writes with great authority on a wide variety of subjects, ranging from philosophy to religion to spirituality, to music and art and architecture, to science and literature, to civilizational dialogues and the natural environment.For Professor Seyyed Hossein Nasr, the quest for knowledge, specifically knowledge which enables man to understand the true nature of things and which further, liberates and delivers him from the fetters and limitations of earthly existence, has been and continues to be the central concern and determinant of his intellectual life.

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    1. This is my 1st encounter with the famous Scholar:"Seyyed Hossein Nasr" & I think I shouldn't have started with this book!It's considered as a very short introduction to Islam, it should be in that category of books. However as a native Muslim I couldn't find lots of new info in it (except the parts covering parts of Shi'ti's history , schools & thinkers). And If I were not a Muslim; I would feel very confused of the translations used throughout the book. The style of writing came as if y [...]

    2. A little disappointing for such a highly rated book, this is a good basic introduction but has rather too many unexplained/uncontextualised terms which makes for rather dry reading and the description of Islamic intellectual and political history, while broad, is a little to skimpy and general. That said, it does give an interesting Further Reading list at the back.*****Some notes, certainly not everything, only what I found especially interesting and philosophically challenging. I try to summar [...]

    3. Nasr telah menjelaskan Islam dan sejarahnya. Bagi yang belum mengerti bagaimana permusuhan antara syiah dan sunni terjadi, buku ini harus dibaca. Namun perlu diperhatikan benar, bahwa Nasr menulis dari sisi Syiah yang kental, karena memang dia seorang Sayid dari mahzab Ali. Harus sangat berhati- hati untuk tidak terbawa ya disaring lah mana yang bisa dipakai mana yang tidak.

    4. Syyed.Hsr seems to correlate the spread of islam especially eastward with sufism's thoughts ,to which he tried more or less to attribute this virtue to them discretely.eventhough their significance -sufi- in different aspect can not be neglected.except for the last two chapter , the whole idea and subjects that were implicated here , were repeated in other books of the auther e two last chapters that I have enjoyed reading them ,chapter7((schools of islamic thought and their history )) where he [...]

    5. Only once before have I recycled a book before having finished it. I recycled it because I wasn't willing to risk wasting another person's time, not even two minutes, which might have happened had I attempted to sell it to a used book store. I didn't finish this book, but I sure am done with it. What a stinker. I picked it up as part of a long term program to become less contemptuous of Islam. Fail. Every spiritual trek must lead through a reconciliation with our best understanding of the physic [...]

    6. An excellent book on Islam from a traditionalist Sufi scholar. I was compelled by the similarities between Islam and my own faith of Christianity: the faith possesses a view of nature, the organization of society and daily life, an eschatology and Judgment Day, and an overall worldview now unlike the Christian faith. The theological conflicts between salvation by faith or by works or between knowledge by faith or reason are also not unlike the historic debates of the Christian tradition. The sec [...]

    7. Concise, clearly-written and very helpful to dummies like me, who grew up listening to people who don't know anything about Islam talk about Islam.

    8. I purchased Islam: Religion, History and Civilization by Seyyed Hossein Nasr, as it received numerous excellent ratings and reviews on , but I just couldn’t get past the first chapter. Not only is the text filled with unexplained religious terminology, but it’s written in a thoroughly obtuse style. I mean, it’s full of sentences like, “Unity cannot manifest itself without entering into the world of multiplicity, yet this manifestation is the means whereby humanity is led from multiplicit [...]

    9. This book is defintely a great introduction to Islam for three reasons: it's geared toward a western audience whose view of Islam is most likely veiled by the news and 9/11, it's written by a practicing Muslim who is a well known scholar on both Islam and Islamic philosophy and the book is kept to its essentials, both in theology and history. Beyond being very informative, one gets a sense of how deep the Koran can be as well how rich the symbols are. I highly recommend this to both non-Muslims [...]

    10. As a native Muslim, I of course found most of the part about what Islam is very basic. Yet the part about the geographical history of Islam as well as Islamic civilization was brief, informative and can be considered a basic synopsis to the history of Islam as a civilization. Also, the part reciting the history of Shiites was very informative as well as the one concerning Sufism. On the other hand, some topics needed to be tackled in a simpler manner especially that the book is supposed to be fo [...]

    11. Not bad. If you're looking for a book that gives you a sense of Islam, it's history, the impact it has had on civilization and so on, it will give you that. At it's best, you get a sense that the sweep and ark of Islam is far greater and more important than the media presentation here in the United States. But, the fundamental flaw of the book is that it tries to cover too many particular facts (names, events and so on) in too little space. In the process, it gives short shrift to all of them. T [...]

    12. This is a book to get introduced to Islam, its pillars, history and some modern insights, either you are Muslim or non Muslim.I give it 5 stars for its concise style though thorough as well as for all the references of further readings After reading this book, one understands fully the meaning of a devoted life to seeking knowledge!

    13. Overall an easy and breezy read that rarely expounds on any topic whether historical, philosophical, or theological. With that, it does cover a panoply of topics and is probably good for finding people or concepts then looking up additional details in other publications. So a reference of sorts for those with a limited Islamic vocabulary or scope of knowledge.

    14. Very quick read. I was given it in the morning and finished it by night thanks to some long reading times during a mani/pedi and haircut - haha! Good introductory guide with easy, condensed history. Helpful and recommended as a good primmer.

    15. Perhaps this is a good book to start with if you are getting to know Islam. However to portrays the Book encompassing history and civilization is inaccurate. There is a slight touch but never to be considered as worthwhile effort. A simple read, at best.

    16. A good resource for learning more about IslamI like this book because it has an overview of a lot of different concepts with a reference guide for additional reads in the back. I really enjoyed this book because I felt like I was able to add on to my current studies of Islam.

    17. With the exception of the breakdown of the different Muslim faith based tribes throughout history (which was much too long), I truly enjoyed this book. Now I have a much better understanding of Islam. It's short. Can be read in a few hours.

    18. concise but comprehensive - not a good primer on Islam but a great supplement to some basic knowledge of the religion and a perhaps slightly-more-than-basic knowledge of Middle East, N. African, and South/SE Asian history.

    19. Very interesting read for a lapsed Catholic. It was recommended to me by a trusted academic and I enjoyed it.

    20. A very general introduction. Very well written. I felt that it was slightly partial, but it is obvious that the author is an excellent academic.

    21. Unfortunately this book didnt give me the type of historical detail I was looking for, I would call it more of "An Overview of Islam".

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