Echoes of Balance

Echoes of Balance For Chloe Moraine fighting wild bears and the occasional vampire is a better pastime than the tediousness of keeping the universe in balance But balancing is the family business It comes with being o

  • Title: Echoes of Balance
  • Author: Cally Ryanne
  • ISBN: 9780989649902
  • Page: 307
  • Format: Paperback
  • For Chloe Moraine, fighting wild bears and the occasional vampire is a better pastime than the tediousness of keeping the universe in balance But balancing is the family business It comes with being one of the last in the ancient line of Naimei.So when the impending return of the Original Demons threatens global harmony, Chloe is obligated to help Even when that meansFor Chloe Moraine, fighting wild bears and the occasional vampire is a better pastime than the tediousness of keeping the universe in balance But balancing is the family business It comes with being one of the last in the ancient line of Naimei.So when the impending return of the Original Demons threatens global harmony, Chloe is obligated to help Even when that means the dull as dirt task of following a human girl who might be involved, maybe, instead of the thrilling hunt she craves.With their powerful magic and ancient Ways, Chloe s family is unconcerned, certain they ll quickly fix the imbalance while she s preoccupied with human high school But when the Ways start to fail, the threat becomes serious, and the only person that seems to know anything is a debonair vampire with an offer to help.If Chloe chooses to trust him, and the darker side of the supernatural he represents, she ll betray her family and risk losing them, and herself, in the process But if he s right, he may just be their only chance to stop the return of the Originals and save the world.Maybe high school won t be so boring after all.

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    1. Cally Ryanne

      I m just a vegetarian in search of the perfect leather jacket.I live in uptown Manhattan with three room mates and two adopted cats It s a pretty great life Really, though, it is.My debut novel, Echoes of Balance, is out via REUTS Pub on December 17th Stay tuned for the cover reveal and some sneak peeks Once, A AP Rocky and A AP Ferg and Schoolboy Q and that whole mob filmed a video on the roof of my apartment I met Rocky and when I told him about my day job, his response was Thaswassup.

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    1. Of course we think Echoes of Balance is just the most awesomest book on the planet, but we may have a slight biased or so "they" tell us. For that reason, our star rating review of Echoes of Balance will be left blank. We hope you enjoy the story!♥ REUTS Publications

    2. Echoes of Balance in the first in The Ways Trilogy, it has a beautiful cover and the plot definitely has some potential. Vampires, demons, and a race name Naimei. Who are they, what are they, all things that I wanted to know. And a young girl who is at the center of it all. Sounds good right? Chloe has to play the part of being a typical highs school and do all the things that teenage girls do. This is not her real mission though, she has to find and befriend person that is fear by her race as a [...]

    3. 3.5 / 5 stars –Official description from the REUTS website: For Chloe Moraine, fighting wild bears– and the occasional vampire– is a better pastime than the tediousness of keeping the universe in balance. But balancing is the family business. It comes with being one of the last in the ancient line of Naimei.So when the impending return of the Original Demons threatens global harmony, Chloe is obligated to help. Even when that means the dull-as-dirt task of following a human girl who “mig [...]

    4. 5 of 5 stars I am glad i got to read the full fresh book from Cally Ryanne with the help of the amazing group of REUTS. Since my 1st review was on the Arc i believe that we will have to see more of Chloe and Aurelia. Not to mention the vampires! :)----------A new beginning on the genre oF paranormal begins with "Echoes of Balance", the first book from REUTS, which is going to be on our shelves soon!!! I had the luck to read the ARC of the book and, although i want to spill the beans, i will try [...]

    5. 3.5 starsChole, a young girl with witch-like powers, tries to step out of the imposing shadows cast by her relatives. She's stopped aging but doesn't really live until she's sent on a mission attend high school. Her amusement with her peers' preoccupation with clothes, boys, and a dance might make it difficult for teens to connect with her at first, but the author (Cally Ryanne) gives readers other opportunities to share in Chole's moments of self-doubt and fear. Dream sequences, heady and dark, [...]

    6. 4.5 Stars So first off, this review is here because I received an ARC copy from Reuts publishing in exchange for a review. So here it is! To begin, I’ll be honest and say I don’t read YA paranormal that often. I’m familiar with the heavy hitters, of course, and I dip into the genre on occasion, but typically I don’t find myself too interested in YA that has paranormal romance elements and I would not call myself well read in the genre by any stretch of the imagination. However, I was int [...]

    7. This review was originally posted on my site.Disclosure: I received an ARC of the book as part of the blog tour. The writings below are my opinions, you may let it influence you or you may not.FL'S SUMMARY:Chloe is a Naimei pronounciation: "nigh (rhymes with ‘high’) may (rhymes with ‘hay’ a being of supreme powers stuck with the responsibility of maintaining the balance of the world by consulting The Ways (a complicated instrument used to measure and analyze said balance), too bad she [...]

    8. Echoes of Balance is a YA urban fantasy by debut author Cally Ryanne. With a strong paranormal storyline and a confident heroine, this novel kicks off The Ways trilogy with mystery, suspense, and an intriguing mix of supernatural elements many will find familiar and enjoyable.Chloe Moraine, one of the last remaining members of a race known as the Naimei, has given up her tedious study of The Ways for the more exciting occupation of hunting vampires. When the balance of the universe is jeopardize [...]

    9. My Review So, why did I want to read Echoes of Balance?  If you follow my reviews, you probably know I love discovering new authors, and enjoy reading paranormal more than just about anything. After reading the books description about Chloe, the Naimei, and The Ways, I couldn't resist requesting this new paranormal read from REUTS. I was also extremely interested in REUTS as publishers. I liked the idea that they are a new, smaller publisher of YA and NA, and who seem to offer a lot of hands-on [...]

    10. If you've been following along with my reviews, you probably know that I'm not all that experienced in the realm of paranormal/urban fantasy books - I'm pretty much limited to the Shadowhunter books by Cassandra Clare. However, Echoes of Balance was a really pleasant surprise that I would most likely recommend to anyone looking for a fast-paced, clever, original read laced with elements of the supernatural.I've been interested in the publisher specifically for a while. REUTS Publications is a ne [...]

    11. Chloe was one the last Naimei. for centuries, the Naimei kept the balance of the universe in check. when Chloe was hunting vampires like what she usually do, she was stunned to find out from an unlikely source that the Original Demons were threatening to return. as a Naimei, she was obligated to step in and help. her assigned mission was to befriend and protect a human girl named Aurelia, unknown of her rare thought-weaving ability. Aurelia ability was able to alter, edits, even rearrange though [...]

    12. Jane Hunt Writer First StepsJane Hunt Writer Book Reviews Google+Echoes of Balance' is a young adult novel and its fast-paced,simple writing style should appeal to readers of that genre.Chloe is a supernatural being who doesn't age and exists to work towards achieving a perfect balance in the natural world. Part of a dynasty of similar creatures, the Naimei exists to maintain the balance between nature and nurture.The high school setting relies on the precedent of successful paranormal series th [...]

    13. Chloe Moraine is a Naimei, a supernatural race that keeps the universe in balance. The Original Demons are attempting to return to the human realm. Chloe and her family must prevent that from happening. Unfortunately, she is tasked with the unexciting assignment of watching a human high school girl and discover how she fits into the equation. Although that mission ends up being more interesting then she would have thought.Echoes of Balance is a refreshing Young Adult Paranormal novel. I enjoyed [...]

    14. I received a copy in exchange for a review.3.5 Stars.What I liked:- Quite funny, had me snorting out loud several times- I liked the budding friendship between Chloe and Aurelia, it's nice to see two girls at the center of a story like this.- The writing was fun, and I enjoyed Joseph quite a lot.What detracted a little from perfection:- There were a lot of supernational dudes around. Too many for me, especially because they were all the ones with the power.- The culmination at the spring fling r [...]

    15. Loved this book.I was curious to read the first book published by Reuts, and was nicely surprised by the result.The book was a quick read, with well developed characters and settings. I loved the additional characters that led us through Chloe's life. The introduction of the Ways, and a new breed of people was also well developed and thought out.There were several swoon worthy men, but my favourite by far was Ducante, hmmm there was something about him.Looking forward to reading the second book [...]

    16. This review first appeared on my blog: What Happened to the Wallflower?Cover-First look? It's pretty. Kind of pale, though; as in there really isn't one place that my eye is drawn to. Nothing really pops. There's the whole girl-in-fancy-dress motif going on, but unlike a lot of books out there it actually fits in with the events of the novel, so there's a plus. And she's holding a knife. And, above all, it's not a bad-looking cover. I still feel like there's no focal point to draw me in, though; [...]

    17. ‘Echoes of Balance’ tells the story of Chloe, a girl belonging to the ancient race of Naimei – bringers of balance to the universe. Chloe however, prefers to balance things out between the normal and supernatural world by killing as many vampires as possible, as opposed to her family that relies on predictions by means of The Ways (a set of indicative instruments that can point out cosmic imbalances and future events).When she has a change of heart concerning her hunting activities, her co [...]

    18. *** Yes, Spoilers Below *** I really like the world that this is in and especially our main character, Chloe. The beginning starts off very well – a main character who gives up vampire hunting due to moral dilemma? Awesome. This won’t be another vampire hunting novel, but it’ll have a strong character who can be a badass when she wants. Or will she? There are several places throughout the book where Chloe gets tired of waiting to be told what to do and attempts to go find answers on her ow [...]

    19. Echoes of Balance is the first in The Ways Trilogy. Featuring a cast of sarcastic, quick-witted characters, and an interesting twist on the paranormal creatures we all know and love, this YA, urban fantasy debut is fast-paced and fun. It introduces us to Chloe, one the few remaining Naimei (a new race of paranormal creature unique to Cally’s world) who passes her time as a vampire hunter. At least, until a grievous injury to her arm leaves her sidelined and her cousin shows up with sinister ne [...]

    20. 3.5 starsRead a thon- Bout of Book 13.0 & Challenge- Bookish BlocksThe book was a pleasant surprising read. I don’t normally read about vampires and werewolves yet it was nice to read about vampires, werewolves and demons that aren’t the classic, vampires killing humans, vampires and werewolves are fighting each, something that wasn’t ‘Twilight’. I liked the relationship between all the characters, however Sam was my favorite (view spoiler)[ (however the change of Sam wasn’t my f [...]

    21. They say you shouldn't judge a book by its cover, but I admit I committed this cardinal sin of reading. There is no point to downplay the fact that I adore the cover. If you've seen any of my tweets, that fact is obvious. The cover design is stunning and instantly made me check out the Goodread's page. Once again this book from REUTS Publications and Cally Ryanne did not fail me. I was sold. My Achilles’ heel for vampires and heroes that crave more action was hit. All of that equates to a lot [...]

    22. This is a great beginning to what promises to be a thrilling trilogy. If you think you have had enough of vampires and the supernatural, think again. This young adult novel sets up a very interesting world, where beings called the Naimei work to balance the forces in the universe. The protagonist, Chloe, is a spunky character, with lots of attitude to love and none of the tendencies that some other YA heroines have for endless whining. But all the characters are well developed and interesting. J [...]

    23. I'm a sucker for vampire stories, so when I heard of Chloe Moraine-vampire hunter-I had to check this one out. Echoes of Balance doesn't disappoint! I love how Ryanne brings together paranormal creatures of all kinds, their balance linked through magic of a curious compass-like box known as the Ways. EOB reminded me of NBC's Grimm in so many ways, but with a story all its own. (And that is a VERY GOOD thing.) Ryanne's writing is easy to read, but amazingly descriptive. I had no problem visualizi [...]

    24. i want to thank first reads and the author for letting me win a copy of this book "Echos Of Balance by Cally Ryanneis is a book which i first found slow but admit that once i started reading it i had a hard time putting this book downs a bit of everything,mystery suspense and romance all rolled into one.I recommend this book to all who are interested in a good novelanks again for this opportunity to win and read this book

    25. This book wasn't great. The whole thing seemed rushed and the storyline was blury. This book had great potential and the characters were good bit it wasn't well written. If the author had of taken more time to elaborate on areas, it could have earnes more stars.

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