Pippa of Lauramore

Pippa of Lauramore An alternate cover edition can be found here Act like a lady Don t swim in the waterfall And whatever you do never slip into the woods for a romantic moonlit ride For as long as Pippa can remember

  • Title: Pippa of Lauramore
  • Author: Shari L. Tapscott
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 374
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • An alternate cover edition can be found here.Act like a lady Don t swim in the waterfall And whatever you do, never slip into the woods for a romantic, moonlit ride.For as long as Pippa can remember, she s looked forward to her eighteenth birthday The number represents freedom and the end of her boring lessons with dreary tutors Unfortunately for the princess, it s alsAn alternate cover edition can be found here.Act like a lady Don t swim in the waterfall And whatever you do, never slip into the woods for a romantic, moonlit ride.For as long as Pippa can remember, she s looked forward to her eighteenth birthday The number represents freedom and the end of her boring lessons with dreary tutors Unfortunately for the princess, it s also the age she is expected to marry Lionel, the stern prince of Vernow.Eager to escape her future with Lionel, Pippa convinces her father to hold a traditional marriage tournament Thirty men travel to Laura to compete, including Galinor, the dark haired, blue eyed prince of Glendon.Galinor is everything Pippa dreams a prince can be He s handsome and strong, virtuous and true Immediately smitten, Pippa decides she will do everything in her power to ensure Galinor wins the tournament even if she must convince her friend Archer to win it for him.Dragons and fairies, poison and lies Pippa will let nothing stand between her and Galinor s future.

    Pippa of Laura Eldentimber, by Shari L Tapscott Mar , Pippa of Laura is a medieval romance fantasy tale about a feisty princess who loves the wrong man Pippa gets herself into a lot of dangerous situations, being quite headstrong, but she is lovable anyway and grows as a character throughout the story. Pippa of Laura The Eldentimber Series Jun , Pippa of Laura is a fantasy romance with great characters and plenty of action and adventure It s about a princess named Pippa who is hoping someone other than the man her father has chosen will win her hand in marriage at the tournaments She interferes right from the beginning hoping to guarantee that the man she chooses will win. Pippa of Laura Shari L Jun , Pippa knows she plays a dangerous game, but when the stakes are this high, she s not sure if she can afford to walk away Set in a rich fantasy world, Pippa of Laura is a take your breath away fairy tale romance with unforgettable characters, humor, and heart. Pippa of Laura Shari L Tapscott Pippa of Laura Act like a lady Don t swim in the waterfall And whatever you do, never steal into the woods for a romantic, moonlit ride. Pippa of Laura The Eldentimber Series Jun , Pippa of Laura The Eldentimber Series, Book Shari L Tapscott Author, Publisher , J Grace Pennington Narrator Try Audible Free Pippa of Laura Eldentimber by Shari L Tapscott Aug , Pippa knows she plays a dangerous game, but when the stakes are this high, she s not sure if she can afford to walk away Set in a rich fantasy world, Pippa of Laura is a take your breath away fairy tale romance with unforgettable characters, humor, and heart.

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      Shari L Tapscott writes young adult fantasy and humorous contemporary fiction When she s not writing or reading, she enjoys gardening, making soap, and pretending she can sing.She loves white chocolate mochas, furry animals, spending time with her family, and characters who refuse to behave Tapscott lives in western Colorado with her husband, son, daughter, and two very spoiled Saint Bernards.Join Shari s newsletter, and be one of the first to learn about new projects, upcoming releases, sales, and specials.

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    1. Cute!After seeing many positive reviews from friends I decided to take the plunge! It took me a bit to get into, but then I was hooked. Pippa is expected to marry Prince Lionel of Vernow. Considering she hates him, she asks her father to host a tournament inviting all the princes from surrounding countries to come and whoever is the winner she will wed. She's hoping any of the other princes would be a better match than Lionel, who happens to be a horrible human being. She sets out to find a kind [...]

    2. To be clear about where I'm coming from here -- I'm an aspiring writer. This book might be great for someone who's not. For me, though, it kept triggering my writerbrain with things that needed a little more editing; for example, the king's lines didn't feel regal, even when he was in front of crowds and would have been in "king mode" rather than "dad mode." Also, the geography lessons were just short of "as you know Bob" infodumps; it's not believable that an 18 year old princess would be just [...]

    3. DNF @ 41%I can't anymorePippa is hella annoyingAnd wtf kind of name is GalinorI'm sensing zero chemistry between the love interestsPeace out-------------I'm feeling a slump coming on.Time to start The Bachelorette: Medieval Edition

    4. A beautiful princess. A castle full of worthy (and a few unworthy) suitors. If I were a teenage girl, I'd probably be in hog heaven. I mean, what's not to love about that premise?The beautiful, spirited Princess Philippa (or just Pippa) is nearing her eighteenth birthday, and a tournament has been declared for suitors from all the neighboring regions to vie for her hand in marriage. Truly the stuff of fairy tales.Pippa immediately warms to the handsome and dashing Galinor, and even, well, bends [...]

    5. A light okay novel.Pippa is an okay character but, she isn't really fleshed out. No other character is as fleshed as her so no one really keeps me interested or makes me feel something.There's a try at fantasy but, if you just a insert fantasy names and themes without explaining them just for more action and so you can put the book in a fantasy genre, to me it doesn't really count.Overall the plot was simplistic, the characters were meh, and I skimmed somewhat after 49%. If you don't mind too mu [...]

    6. What a wonderful book!!! Easy to read and hard to put down!The author's writing style is fun and witty. Pippa is a self-possessed, strong female lead (thank goodness!!), and her stubbornness and adventurous nature make for an entertaining tale.I have learned how to be a lady. It's just so dull I can't stick with it.One of the things I loved about this book was the varied cast of characters. Sometimes, you're tuned in solely to the main characters, and the supporting cast seems underdeveloped. No [...]

    7. There are so many men to fall in love with in this book that I think my knees will be permanently weak. There's Archer - the dashing, serious man who's station in life can never afford him the one thing he truly wants. He was my favorite. Then there's Galinor - the knight who is trying to save Pippa from an awful fate. He's attractive and gallant and brave. Swoon. Let's not forget the rest of the cast of knights from the various kingdoms who have all come to fight for the Princess's hand in marr [...]

    8. I read Pippa of Lauramore (Book 1) with excitement and was not let down. I am always into a good princess/love story. I was intrigued with the story line and read it in two days. I just couldn't put it down. Once I did put it down for the night I laid there wondering what will happen next and contemplated the options. This was a very well written book, obviously a lot of time and effort went into making it. The author writes with intelligent and exquisite details. It was so detailed, I could pla [...]

    9. Although the cover of the book I read is different (and much better), the book is the same. I least I think.I loved this book. I completely fell in love with Pippa and Archer. But mostly Pippa. She is trouble with a capitol T! Her heart is as big as her trouble though and I loved her sense of adventure. I was caught up in this story- the setting, the growing relationships, everything. It was a fun escape from the mundane and I as soon as I finished reading this one, I went to and picked up the [...]

    10. WOW! Pulled me in right from the start. Imaginative and I sat right in the story. Seeing everything and loved every minute. For having 323 pages it flew by and didn't seem like that long. I will absolutely read this again. So good, so well written. I LOVED Pippa and all the characters really. Still amazed. Jumping to the next book now! August 8, 2016Second time bettter than the first!

    11. I received an advanced copy of this book from the author in return for an honest review. It's cover caught my eye immediately and the blurb on the story really tweaked my interest, So, I took advantage of the author's offer for a copy to review. When I received it, it was just as impressive as the website image portrayed. I sat down and started reading and I was hooked! Tapscott did an excellent job of sucking me into the story--I felt like I was right there with Pippa! It is full of edge-of-you [...]

    12. Won on Shari made me laugh and feel the despair Princess Philippa who likes to be called Pipppa. She is to wed the winner of the tournament in her kingdom for her hand in marriage because she does not what to marry the Prince Lionel who has asked. Pippa finds a likeable champion Prince Galinor who is much nicer but she finds her true love and he is not a Prince or Lord to have her hand or is he. The trials are hard and in the end after all is said and done evil Prince Lionel wins the tournament [...]

    13. Aww this book was so cute. It wasn't the most original or complex, and I would have liked a bit more world building but the characters were fantastic. I can't help but fall in love with princes and this book had plenty! Galinor was kind and wonderful but Archer stole my heart from the beginning. I loved his relationship with Pippa. Honestly, I wish there was more. Pippa was so strong and rebellious that I really enjoyed reading about her.I loved it just for being light and cutesy. Exactly what I [...]

    14. 3.8 To me Pippa of Lauramore is somewhat a cute kind of romance suitable for tween with its typical fable fairy tales type chracters and plot. Surprisingly, it is an enjoyable read. A light heart story of adventure, chivalry and romance together with characters that grow on you like many disney princesses and her gang did and now I'm itching fir the next one. It's good in between kind of book when you want to relax from heartbreak and drama.

    15. This was such a fun, cute young adult read. This is a book I'd pick up and read again, like rewatching a chick flick.

    16. Pippa of Lauramore, is book one in The Eldentimber Series by Shari Tapscott. This is a story that fairy tales are made from. Our story opens with a celebration of birth for the coming of age Princess Pippa of Lauramore. Princess Pippa has just turned eighteen, and her father King Ewan has invited thirty eligible Princes to compete in a tournament. The winner of the tournament will receive Pippa’s hand in marriage. Her family is keen on one such prince – Prince Lionel of Vernow. But Pippa doe [...]

    17. (view spoiler)[This was a delightful and enjoyable read! I usually dislike overly feisty characters but there was something about Pippa and her spunk and sense of humor that was just very endearing instead. What a personality! I absolutely loved her and think the author did a wonderful job developing her character and showing her transition into adulthood. I wish that some of the other characters had been as well fleshed out, though. I know that her parents were only secondary characters but the [...]

    18. Pippa is a bit of a reckless tomboy. She knows she doesn’t want to marry the man her father (the king) has chosen for her, so she convinces him to host a tournament for her hand in marriage. At the very beginning she picks her champion (Galinor) and does all she can to aid him in winning, with the help of her childhood friend, Archer. Along the way, she realizes a lot of things about herself, above all, who she really does want to marry.Pippa is a great character. She’s selfish and flippant [...]

    19. I love a good princess story. This one has a tournament that princess Pippa is hoping will allow her to escape her betrothal with an unkind man, or at the very least to delay it. She's a spunky girl and is caught up in the festivities despite the looming end. She's hopeful another man will win, and she sets her sights on helping make that happen. I love the men we meet who champion Pippa. This is lighthearted, which makes the hard moments more impactful. I enjoy how Pippa discovers, finally, who [...]

    20. This was such a cute surprise! One of my friends read it and liked it and since it was only $.99 (and it still is!!), I decided to give it a try. It's the story of a princess and how she finds her true love. Her father is holding a tournament and the winner gets to marry her. At first I didn't love the heroine, I thought she was a spoiled brat. But she really grew on me and by the end I thought she was adorable. The hero was always great. A true hero, always protecting her. There is some light [...]

    21. Great first book!It is easy to find new fantasy books now, even if most are self-published. My wife read (in a post by the author's mother) that this one was was available free, and I got it then.When I first looked it over, I was pleased to see an acknowledgement to an editor, it had been proof-read! I found the book an easy, but fun and interesting, read. I did find one error near the middle of book, it appears to be that a word was dropped in the publishing process.Shari Tapscott has introduc [...]

    22. I loved this novel! The writing was outstanding; the characters were intriguing and well-developed; the plot was fast-paced and action-packed; and the world was vibrant. Pippa was a strong female protagonist, and there were many supporting characters to both like and loathe. There was humor throughout the novel, along with more serious, and sometimes terrifying moments. I would highly recommend this novel to anyone who likes fantasy, strong heroines, and fantastic writing.

    23. Wow- loved this book!!I got this book for free on and wasn't expecting much. To my complete surprise, I loved it! The story started out a bit choppy, but quickly gained momentum and depth as the tale unfolded. Pippa grows as a character, and I liked her spunky and crazy personality. Definitely a lot of swoon-worthy moments and still a clean romance. Can't wait to read more by this author!!!

    24. I'm not sure if I should class this as a review or a rant. It definitely includes spoilers. I wanted to like Pippa of Lauramore; it's charming and interesting, and even fairly well written. However, I got caught up on a few things, and it ruined my enjoyment.Firstly, Pippa's relationship with her parents, and especially with her father. It seems fairly congenial, though Pippa doesn't enjoy lots of princess-y activities and doesn't meet her parents' expectations. But if it's a friendly, loving re [...]

    25. ~3.5 stars~A really sweet PG style romance. This was an easy to read and charming little romance. I'm glad it was offered as a kindleunlimited and I will definitely read more in the series.

    26. Cute book. I really lien Pippa. I figured it would end the way it did but it was still good. Archer was so cute. I loved his character.

    27. A princess who’s more infatuated with a prince but falling in love with her best friend? Oh my god! I ate it up. This story is about Pippa, a princess whose betrothal is almost set in stone to a man she can’t stand, but she is bent on helping another knight win her hand in a set of games (of sorts) meant to prove the best knight. However, the knight she’s chosen is probably the worst at competing in the games and needs help… a lot of it. So, she gets her best friend to help him, which ma [...]

    28. I enjoy this author's historical fantasy novels more than her contemporaries for sure. This was a great first novel of the series, I hope the rest live up to it. Pippa is a bit obnoxious at first, but she grows and matures throughout the course of things, settling into a much more likable character. Archer starts out as the silent hero, but doesn't stay that way for long, thankfully. I loved Irving; he reminds me of Avery in Tapscott's Silver and Orchids series. Galinor was more than a pretty fa [...]

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